Saturday, February 14, 2009

The big #1

Well, we made it!  Sydney turned 1 this past week, and we have made it thru the first year.  There have of course been some very minor mishaps, but for the most part I consider it a success.  We have all our limbs, I think Sydney still loves me, so what is there to complain about, right?  In all seriousness though, it has been a truly amazing year.  I never knew what it would be like to love a child.  I know I have said this before, but let me say it again, there is nothing like it in the world!  Time has flown too quickly.  The special moments happen too fast, and the next big event is here before we know it.  What are we left with?  Amazing memories, brilliant photos, but most of all, better knowledge and a greater love for one another.

Some of the best memories include:  
-Your first cry
-The day we came home from the Hospital
-The first airplane ride
-Completing our first marathon together
-Visiting NYC for the first time together
-The daily run with the stroller
-All the firsts:  First tooth, first roll over, first army crawl, first steps, first laugh
-Being the cutest turtle in the world for Halloween
-Your first Christmas, and how terrified you were of Santa
-The crazy Aunts and Uncles (Amy, David, Derek and Jared included) that love You to death!
-That first smile that you know is for you
-The first hug

With all of Sydney's accomplishments it was definitely time for some celebration.  What parent does not want to throw their first child the best first birthday ever?  Well, we decided it had to be at Chuck E. Cheese's.  Granted Sydney had no clue what was going on, but his cousins sure thought he was cool.  It was a great night of endless tokens, funny games, messy cake and one really scary rat.  

The day was a success!  Sydney had a great time, as did his cousins.  Maybe next time he will be able to enjoy it as much as everyone surrounding him.

Congratulations Sydney, you have made it thru your first year!  We love you to pieces!!!!!  Thanks for being the joy of my life and bringing such happiness to our family!


Katie Riggs Hansen said...

Auntie Katertot here. Please don't have another birthday at the rat place. I too was very scared. More of the germs and food but nonetheless, scared.

I love you to little boy pieces and have decided not to have my own kids because I can't possibly love them as much as I love you. They wouldn't be as funny either.

Kayla R. said...

I still can't believe our little Syney finished a marathon with in his first year here on earth!!! ha ha such a fun party* LOVE YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Katie said...

So glad I found your blog. Sydney is adorable!! It was good to see you at the concert back in February ... you all look great. I'll be checking back to see what's up so post often =)

Anya Wilson said...

I am new at the whole blogging thing! I just wanted to say hello! Luv u!