Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everything This Year...

Being the wonderful, on top of it, mother that I am, I have absolutely failed in keeping my blog up to date.  It was LG's first Christmas, and I have not even posted anything yet.  So here is, my attempt to summarize the Holidays and bring you up to date on our other goings on. 

From this photo you may think that the trip to visit Santa was nothing but a success.  The truth of the matter is, we should have kept the shot when he was hysterical and pulling at Santa's beard.  I thought that he would love Santa!  After all, it is his first Christmas.  Little did I realize, he is just too young to appreciate all the good and happiness that Santa Clause will some day bring to him.   I do have this question, why is it that Christmas becomes a million times more enjoyable with little kids around?  Their excitement  is so contagious, it brings such a new and different level of enjoyment to an already festive time of year.  Maybe I should start a business called "Rent-a-Kid for the Holidays".  It would certainly bring something new to those who don't have little ones to enjoy their Holidays with them.  

There is no better way to say it other than, Christmas was magical with our LG!

After recovering from the Holidays, we went out to visit TJ on the road with "Ain't Misbehavin'"  Visited some good friends, had some good times. Froze to death!  You know the things you do on the East Coast during the winter.  We played in Philadelphia, took the bus to NYC, played in NYC and then back to good ol' Utah.

 Now for the really exciting part of our lives, Sydney has finally decided that he can walk on his own.  Back in mid December he took his first steps on his own.  We thought he would be walking all over the place within a few days, perhaps a week...but for some reason he just got scared.  He made up his mind that he could only walk if he was holding on to someone's finger.  Not just anything, it had to be a finger.  With that finger he would go anywhere, at full speed!  But yesterday he finally got the confidence and decided that he could venture off on his own, sans finger, sans walking aid.  He is awesome!  We now have a walking maniac on our hands :)  But he is cute, and we LOVE him!!!!

It is absolutely crazy to think that this year has gone by so fast!  Sydney will be 1 year old on February 12.  I really can't believe it.  I think of myself at this time last year, as big as a house, hoping and praying that this guy would come join us on this earth a week early (only to have him show up 9 days late :( ).  Every time I look at him I do so in complete and utter amazement.  TJ and I created this beautiful human being.  He is a wonderful blessing from heaven and the complete joy of our lives!  We love you LG!!!!

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Kayla R. said...

OH SO CUTE!!! What fun pics and holiday FUN*