Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too much!

Life is too much, that is really all I have to say.  But really though, that statement pretty much sums it up for me.  The past couple of months (and yes I say couple of months, because it has been that long since my last post) have been as crazy as ever.  Still hanging out in Utah, still wishing TJ would come home off the road, still wishing I was training better for my next big adventure (whatever that may be), and still finding simple joys in my everyday life that keep a smile on my face.

I was just reading my sister Katie's blog where
 she recounted her experience in her first Triathlon.  Way to go Katie!  Thank you so much for joining me.  I can't tell you how proud I am of you!  It is a scary thing to take on, but something that is so wonderful and gives such a feeling of empowerment.  In fact I was in the gym the other day feeling bad for myself because I thought it was too cold to run outside, so instead I cozied on to the elliptical with a nice flat screen TV in front of me and watched some footage from the Kona Ironman.  Now something must be wrong with me.  I felt my heart rate getting faster and faster and found myself getting very emotional as I sat there watching the journey these people were on.   I was enthralled getting lost in this amazing feat that these incredible athletes endeavor.  It just made me want to do one myself!  So I decided to set a goal, or at least save it so I have a good new years resolution.  I really want to complete an ironman.  Granted it may take a year or so before I am ready, but I want to have that experience.  

In addition to completing the Telos Turkey Tri with Katie,  Sydney and I did have our first Thanksgiving together.  That was awesome!  TJ was in China, so we  joined my family.  The day was beautiful!  I am not sure how we have been so lucky to have such an amazing Fall!  The day was nice and relaxing.  I would like to say that I have a tradition of running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, but really I have only done it once.  This year I begged and begged for someone, anyone, to join me on a Turkey Trot.  I was not successful.  So instead we took a, not so Turkey, Trot down to the favorite "swing" park and enjoyed some time there.

One of my favorite adventures was the trip to Wyoming to chop down a Christmas Tree.  Now that was fun!  Katie and Elliott go on this excursion every year, and every year they invite us all along.  Well stupid us that we have never gone before.  It was so much fun!  When we got to the location that we would call base camp, we gathered the goods, loaded the kids up in the sleds and hit the trails to find our Christmas Trees.  You would be surprised how hard it is to find the perfect tree.  Maybe I am just expecting perfection out of a mere Christmas Tree.   But you know what, it was so much fun, who cares if the tree is perfect or not.   

So here is to working towards something hard that you want to accomplish, tree chopping, and fun holidays. 
I wish you peace, joy and finding adventure and happiness this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!

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Kayla R. said...

What cute pics Age! Way to go katie, i will do a tri one of these days! I can't believe Ceej took his first step:) At Moms you could totally tell he wanted too! Hey will you please call me if you ever need a babysitter!! love you xoxoxo