Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, here I am again.  A good month since my last entry.  What can I say, being a single parent of an extremely lively 8 month old child is hard.  Still. that is no excuse.  So here I am finally writing with so much to say, and no idea how to organize my thoughts.  So here it goes: 

The past month has been full of good and bad times.  Difficult moments of soul searching, confusion, heartbreak, and well you know what I mean.  TJ has been off in New York working to get his show "Ain't Misbehavin'" open.  You know what that means, single parenthood for me.  How people do it, I will never know.  I suppose it is only possible with the support of loving family and friends, which I have an abundance of (thank goodness).  Still, that doesn't make it easy.  For me, the thing that gets me thru are moments like our child's first Halloween.  

                                                          I asked myself if it was ok to have so much fun dressing up my helpless little guy.  I figured it is fine only because children continue to enjoy Halloween as they get older.  So that is my justification for making him wear the ridiculous turtle outfit, and showing him off like he is a toy.  (At least he is a cute toy!)

Thanks Sydney for making me smile bringing so much joy in to my life!  I love you LG!


Kayla R. said...

Yeah I can't imagine..its hard even having Ty come home every night! but you are a great mother and Sydney is handsome healthy and strong so you are doing something right!!! love you Age

Katie Riggs Hansen said...

Oh for the love, I want to eat your turtle!

Rob Abney said...

I hope your don't mind me looking at your blog. Sometimes I feel like such a peeping tom because I look at peoples blogs that I know and yet I feel guilty because they haven't given me the ok.

Any way, good Adrian how I admire you and your little family. Your kids are so cute. It's sound rough taking care of the kids solo but hang in there.

Tell young TJ hi for me.