Monday, October 6, 2008

Have a Chariot Day

It is hard to see, but on the back of the bike trailer which our little LG rides in, you will find flowing in the wind, a flag that reads "Have a Chariot Day".  What exactly is that supposed to mean?  Well I will tell you what it means to me.
I have always loved the outdoors.  It is true that I am very content and happy with almost any situation as long as it involves being outside and somewhat active.  Well, when I had Sydney I thought that my outdoor activities may be cut down a bit.  But what has really happened is after investing way too much money in all sorts of little baby contraptions, about 3 different strollers, and multiple carrying systems, Sydney has been able to join in all of the outdoor adventures that we continue to enjoy.
Today as we were riding thru Snow Canyon State Park, one of my favorite places on earth, I looked up at that flag flowing in the wind and saw those words, "Have a Chariot Day", and I couldn't help but get a huge grin on my face as I thought about all of the fun that I have with that Chariot carriage and my LG riding in it.  
As many of you know, I have been training for the St. George Marathon and a Triathlon.  (Both of which I am happy to say I have completed.) 

Training for these events means pushing or pulling an extra 40+ pounds as I jog with the stroller, or pull the carriage behind my bike.  In my training I had to remind myself  how beneficial these activities were for both of us.  It really is great!  It gets Sydney out, and he loves it!  He will usually spend the first 15-20 minutes checking out his surroundings, then doze off and just enjoy the ride.  To him, I think that is what it means to have a Chariot Day.  For me it is having my LG with me as I continue to enjoy the great outdoors.
I think we should all commit to make at least one day a week a Chariot Day.  It is amazing how that fresh air lifts your spirit.

Here's to the Chariot!

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