Sunday, August 17, 2008

Long Past Due

Well here it goes, what I should have been doing for many months now, and I have finally given in.  There are many things that have inspired this blog to begin, I think most of all my two sisters.  They both have a blog which I enjoy reading so much.  Not only are they brilliant writers (which they get from my Dad, and I could only hope for that gene) but almost without fail I am brought to tears when I read their accounts of what their lives are about.  For the past month I have thought of so many great titles of things that I should write about, but not until today have I actually followed thru.

About the name:  Well the name of my blog is inspired by my little boy Sydney James Young.  One day I noticed that I am constantly calling him "little guy".  Why is that, well basically because he is anything but a little guy.  Just barely 6 months old, and weighing in at a whopping 24lbs.  I LOVE HIM!!!  All of him!  

Anyway, one day I tested his nickname out on my good friend Amy.  Recently she pointed out to me how I went about testing his new nickname. Apparently (and yes Katie, this is probably followed by some sort of bad news) I walked over to her house one day, which is just next door thank goodness, and out of no where called little Sydney "LG".  I guess I must have looked at her like "so...check out his new nickname.  What do you think?  Does it work?"  Well, I think it works.  Amy didn't criticize me, she just laughed, which is often her response to everything.  So it stuck.  

About us:  Long story short...We live in my Dad's basement.  Does that tell you enough?  No really though.  I have recently changed jobs to something much more difficult, but much more rewarding in almost every way.  I am now a full time mom!
Until October of 2007 I had been fortunate enough to work consistently in Theatre. I had worked as a Stage Manager, but mostly as a Company Manager for Broadway Touring shows.  I traveled both Nationally and Internationally for 8 years, not counting my travels during college.  I loved my job!  I enjoy traveling so much, I enjoy my line of work, and for all but about a year and a half total of that time, I was able to work and travel with my husband, which I LOVED so much!  Last October I completed a tour of BLAST in Japan, and since that time I have not worked.  Well I use the term "worked" very loosely.  
I married TJ Young on September 9, 2000.  He is an amazing, talented, compassionate, handsome  and hard working man.  I love him with all my heart!  
On February 12, 2008 I gave birth to our little boy Sydney James Young, whom is named after my late mother and my husband.

On September 1, 2008 I finally posted this blog which I actually started writing about a month ago.  Oops!  Guess I am not going to be as on top of it as I would like to.

That is enough for now, otherwise it will never get posted.  Here is to blogging!  I look forward to this new outlet of expressing my feelings.

Until next time.


Katie Riggs Hansen said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome! LG, buddy, you look great! Just tell your mom to post more pictures of your belly and legs cause I wanna pinch and kiss them all day.

I hope to read more stories about life in "The Complex" soon. "The Complex", so much weight in that name...

Kayla R. said...

YEAH i am so excited you got a BLOG:) So I can look at all your cute pics:) DArling pics, all of them* Great 16 miler last week when you get back from NYC let run again love you....

auntie libby said...

yeah - so happy to see pictures of the cutest little big guy in the world. when do i get to see him in person. and fyi i already have him lined up with "little libby" born last april. we like to keep things in the "family". big hugs and make katie and elliott bring you up to "home" in farmington!

Nathan said...

GREAT to see you're posting and to see some picks of LG and you!

Keep it up, Adrian!